Dongguan Langyi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

Langyi provides drive, motor and reducer matching solutions for smart devices     Langyi i..
[Guide] For motor products, when the shaft has different size sections, the stress will be concentrated in the abrupt change of the cross-sectional area, which is the weak link of ..
Product DescriptionTitle: High efficiency High speed steady long lifetime nominal breathin..
[Guide] There are many needs from our clients for ventilator motors. To support the development of the ventilator factory, we can supply the motor sample within 15 days! This high ..
Replace Maxon Faulhaber Hot selling brand new customized tattoo machine coreless brushed d..
    With the continuous development of science and technology, the motor technology is also constantly innovating. Especially nowadays, the industrial field has continuou..
[Guide] In order to facilitate work, the partner can use the color label card agreed in advance for comparison, that is, to determine the comparison benchmark, and then achieve the..
[Guide] Give everyone the basic knowledge of hollow cup motorsThe structure of the hollow cup motor is divided into: back cover, terminal block, brush end cover, brush, commut..
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