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[Guide] The basic operating conditions of the motor specified in GB755 include the requirements for altitude, ambient temperature, cooling medium and relative humidity, electrical ..
【Guide】Synchronous steam turbine generator (hidden pole motor) with excitation winding emb..
[Guide] The withstand voltage test is the motor winding production and processing process, as well as the whole machine product test, the test of the motor insulation performance t..
[Guide] During the operation of the motor, the conductive material will affect the motor efficiency, power factor, temperature rise and other performance indicators due to heat. In..
[Guide] Modern motors use higher electromagnetic loads to improve the utilization of materials, and the single capacity of the motor is also increasing. Therefore, the cooling syst..
[Guide] The contact area between the turns of the motor winding is basically the same as the turn length of the winding. Inter-turn insulation is often the insulation of the electr..
[Guide] After the specified load is applied to the tested motor and it runs to a stable temperature rise or a specified time (when using the latter method, the difference between t..
[Guide] For a servo system, the higher the gain, the more sensitive the system and the faster the response to the command; but too high a gain will cause the system to be unstable...
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