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Langyi AGV drive system

Langyi provides drive, motor and reducer matching solutions for smart devices

      Langyi is a company that focuses on the production and development of hollow cup motors and provides driving core components for AGV machines and intelligent robots. We provide a complete set of drive unit solutions for automation products, intelligent robots and other products and AGV products, including DC servo motors, planetary reducers, servo drives, etc., with a sound production system, which can quickly cooperate with AGV product motors, drives, The matching parameters of the three types of combination of the reducer, and make the user choose the model in one step and finalize it, avoiding the consumption of a lot of time and energy of the user due to the mismatch of the model selection.

      Hollow cup servo motor (optional power section: 50W-200W, voltage: 12-48V)

      Motor advantages: cross-generation hollow cup DC motor technology, no iron core, no cogging effect, no iron loss, excellent volume-to-power ratio, light weight, high energy efficiency, low noise, strong overload capacity, etc., so that you show precision The high-tech space is widely used in AGV cars, RGV cars, intelligent mobile platforms, intelligent robots, assisting robots, service robots, robotic articulated arms, intelligent medical treatment, rehabilitation medical treatment and other equipment, as well as brushless pumps for new energy vehicles, Medical pumps, executive agencies and other industries, such as Thomas, the world's top 500, and many AGV and robot well-known companies at home and abroad have maintained long-term cooperative relations.

      Drive matching scheme: domestic custom 15A DC servo drive, etc., can achieve the control method required by the customer.

      Reducer supporting program :, precision planetary reducer, planetary reduction servo motor, etc.

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