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What is mechatronics technology?

Mechatronics technology is based on the rapid development of microelectronics and information technology represented by microcomputers. It is a modern industry that is rapidly infiltrating into the field of machinery industry and deeply integrated with mechatronics technology. It integrates mechanical technology, microelectronics technology and information. Group technology such as technology, automatic control technology, sensing test technology, power electronics technology, interface technology and software programming technology, based on system theory, according to system function goals and optimization of organizational structure goals, composed of intelligence, power, structure, motion and perception Based on the elements, the research on each component and its information processing, interface coupling, motion transfer, material motion, and energy transformation make the whole system organically integrated and integrated, and the ordered information flow in the system program and microelectronic circuits. Under control, the regular movement of material and energy is formed, and the optimal functional value system engineering technology that realizes the combination of various technical functions in high functions, high quality, high precision, high reliability, low energy consumption and the like is realized.

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