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The country's first disk motor project settled in Dingcheng

Recently, the magnetic matrix high-power direct-drive disc motor project has officially settled in the Dingcheng High-tech Park. This is also the country's first disc-type motor project, which will fill the gap of the domestic permanent magnet high-power direct-drive disc motor.

In the context of reducing energy consumption globally, energy-efficient products have become the consensus of industrial development. In this regard, the Dingcheng District Government, in conjunction with the “13th Five-Year Plan” energy conservation and environmental protection policy, took advantage of the situation and seized the opportunity to fully promote the transformation of scientific research results of magnetic matrix high-power direct-drive disc-type motors, and realize the marketization of disc-type motor products as soon as possible.

At the same time, the newly developed shaftless iron core structure product of the project has reduced the volume and weight by 70%-80%, and the efficiency has increased by 8%-13%. It has small volume, light weight, low noise and low voltage. Power, low resistance and high controllability, and the product can be widely used in intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicles, wind power, servo, military equipment and other fields, to fundamentally improve the efficiency of the motor and reduce production costs.

In order to promote the project to realize the industrialization of scientific research results, the district committee, the district government and the district industrial credit bureau and other departments actively cooperate in the introduction process, provide preferential investment promotion policies, create a good investment environment, and adopt a joint-stock cooperation mode. Inject capital into the capital and effectively resolve the difficulties in the process of project outcome transformation.

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