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Harbin Electric has developed the world's most advanced camera, and the first batch of 6 units will be delivered to the national grid in the second half of the year.

The reporter learned from Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. of Harbin Electric Power Group Co., Ltd. that the company successfully developed the world's most advanced new type of camera. Recently, it signed a contract with the State Grid Inner Mongolia Eastern Power Co., Ltd. Ximeng Converter Station to install a camera adjustment project. At present, the products are intensifying manufacturing. It is reported that Harbin Electric will supply 8 new camera sets for the first batch of converter stations in the State Grid, and 6 of them will be delivered in the second half of this year.

A camera is a generator that specifically emits reactive power. Reactive power is not “useless work”, but another form of energy for power supply appliances. Reactive power cannot be directly converted into other forms of energy such as light and heat, but it is the energy necessary for electrical equipment to establish alternating magnetic fields and induced magnetic flux. Without reactive power, all electrical equipment that requires a magnetic field to operate cannot work. The amount of reactive power and active power together determine the voltage level in the grid line.

In recent years, with the rapid development of UHV AC-DC power grids and the large-scale grid connection of clean energy such as wind power and solar power generation, the grid operation characteristics have undergone tremendous changes—AC and DC, the transmitter and the receiver interact, and AC and DC faults. The chain reaction mechanism is complex, which brings great hidden dangers to the safe operation of the power grid. Therefore, the addition of a new type of camera in the power grid will solve the problem of reactive power and voltage compensation adjustment during its operation, and play the role of “Dinghai Shenzhen” to ensure stable and reliable operation of the power grid.

According to reports, the traditional camera provides reactive power to the grid system under normal conditions, improves the power factor of the grid, and maintains the grid voltage level. The world's most advanced camera developed by Harbin Electric is more focused on instantaneous performance, in addition to the above-mentioned functions. A large amount of reactive power is output in a very short time, and the short-time overcurrent and overvoltage capability with higher parameters provide a stronger guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the UHV grid with higher performance and index requirements. Harbin Electric's related technical experts said that the camera to achieve this performance, there is no precedent in the world.

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