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According to the relevant regulations of the State “High-tech Enterprise Certification Management Measures” and “High-tech Enterprise Certification Management Work Guidelines”, Dongguan Langyi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. The company has also received the “National High-tech Enterprise” certification issued by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance, the Guangdong Provincial State Taxation Bureau, and the Guangdong Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, thus officially entering the ranks of national high-tech enterprises. 


Since its establishment ten years ago, Langyi Electromechanical Technology has maintained rapid growth, continuously developing and innovating the application of industrial computer products, and has reached the domestic leading level in the transformation of technological achievements. It has been favored by many well-known enterprises with high quality and high reputation. .

This time, it has been assessed as a national high-tech enterprise, which will further promote the company's independent innovation and independent research and development process, and is another milestone in the company's development history. In the future, Research Institute will continue to introduce high-quality talent teams to provide fundamental guarantee for independent innovation; pay more attention to independent innovation, protect intellectual property rights, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises; continue to increase investment in scientific research and enrich the stamina of enterprise innovation and development; Strengthen the company's technological innovation capability and the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, provide strong technical support for the sustained, healthy and rapid development of enterprises, and strive to become the backbone of the industrial development of the industrial computer industry.

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