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Good news! Our Brand new coreless motors for tattoos and electric tools

Replace Maxon Faulhaber Hot selling brand new customized tattoo machine coreless brushed dc motor


1.Certification: ISO9001, ROHS,etc.

2.Size: Dia 26  * L 7 mm

3.Rated Voltage: 12v

4.No load speed : 9000 rpm 

5.No load current: 6-11mA

6.Stall  torque: 19 mNm 



As small as you want!  Moreover, high torques can be realized, making it ideal for use in contained space!

Customized just for you, my dear client!

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Replace Maxon Faulhaber Dia 28mm Length 80 MM 24V 12V 10000 rpm power tools coreless brushless dc motor

1.Certification: ISO9001, ROHS,etc.

2.Size: Dia  28 * L 80 mm

3.Rated Voltage: 24-37 V

4.No load speed : 16000 rpm 

5.No load current: 200 mA

6.Stall  torque: 800 mNm 



A BRAND NEW high efficiency and high power CORLESS brushless motor with 28mm outer diameter!

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