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Why is brushless DC micro motor cost-effective?

[Guide] Brushed motors have collector ring brushes, which occupy the effective volume of the motor, so the power density of the motor is small, while the brushless motor has no current, and the motor generates low heat. A smaller volume can produce a larger Power, motor output per unit volume is large, motor power density is large.

When it comes to brushless DC motors, the first reaction is that its price is relatively high. Then why do most medium and large enterprises gradually switch from brush motors to brushless motors? Will the high cost make such a choice?

Let's explore what are the advantages of brushless DC micromotors?

1.High reliability of brushless DC micromotor

Since the brushless DC motor is an evolutionary product of the brushed motor, its working principle is to replace the brushed motor brush commutation by electronic commutation, so there is no problem of sparks caused by mechanical commutation, and it can run at high speed because There is no need to replace the carbon brushes regularly, so the motor will have higher reliability and better protection performance, which is suitable for use in a variety of working environments.

2.Brushless DC micromotor has a wide speed range

DC brushless motors do not have the problem of carbon brush voltage drop at low speed and high current. They can run normally at low speed and high current. The maximum speed can reach tens of thousands of revolutions. Compared to brushed motors, commutation sparks are easy to generate during operation and high speed. The upper limit is low. When running at low speed and large current, the brush voltage drop is large, which is not suitable for long-term operation.

3.High efficiency of brushless DC micromotor

The brushed motor increases the loss of the motor due to the sum brush, and the motor efficiency naturally decreases. However, the brushless motor has a permanent magnetic steel on the rotor to establish the main magnetic field of the motor. This saves energy and improves efficiency.

4.Brushless DC micromotor has high power density

The brushed motor has a collector ring brush, which occupies the effective volume of the motor, so the power density of the motor is small, while the brushless motor rotor has no current, the motor has low heat, and the smaller volume can generate larger power. The unit volume motor Large output and high motor power density.

5.Low noise of brushless DC micromotor

Because the brushless motor has no brushes, the friction force is greatly reduced during operation, the operation is smooth, and the noise will be greatly reduced.

The characteristics of brushless DC micromotors are also a wide range of use, long service life, up to tens of thousands of hours, brushless motors are digital frequency conversion control, strong controllability, from several minutes to tens of thousands of minutes .

The above advantages are the reasons why most manufacturers choose brushless motors. Based on the above, it is obvious that choosing a brushless motor will be more cost-effective than a brushed motor, so did you choose the right motor?

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